You’d probably be wondering to know that what is white hat and black hat SEO. And why is there always a debate between white hat SEO techniques and black hat SEO techniques? Well, these two are the techniques used for search engine optimization. We’ll discuss these both shortly after I tell you guys a little bit about SEO itself.

What is SEO?

It is all the changes you make in a website’s design or the written content to make the site more appealing or attractive to a search engine. SEO is basically done to improve the ranking of a website on a search engine. The organizations, with the help of keywords and particular phrases, try to improve the rankings of their sites and SEO helps them in the whole process.

There are many different techniques for this process, some might use voice search optimization while some opt for video. You can try anyone you want, the only thing which you need to know about first is a white hat and black hat SEO. So, let’s talk about these white hat and black hat SEO techniques now.

Have you ever watched an old movie? If yes then you’d probably know that the villains used to wear black hats while the heroes preferred white ones. It pretty much clears a bit about white hat and black hat SEO, right? Enough of this, let’s now jump to white hat SEO first.

What is white hat SEO?

To increase and optimize the level of search experience for the users, what search engines do is that they keep on updating their algorithms and search patterns. This is done so that the most relevant information is conveyed to the user and also for providing trustworthy results. There are set rules for making it possible, which are followed by white hat SEO.

Basically, out of a white hat and black hat SEO, a white hat is the one that follows all the guidelines of Google and creates a long-term game plan for websites that will withstand any upcoming Google update. Anyone who’d want to make sure that their ranking lasts for a longer period would go for a white hat SEO technique.

The ones who anxiously want to improve the ranking of their website ranking on search engines use black hat techniques from the two basic choices which are white hat and black hat SEO. This by the way isn’t the right way in my opinion.

What is black hat SEO?

Black hat is the one which is totally opposite from white hat SEO. Do you know black hat SEO uses shortcuts? Obviously you do. Well, what it does is that it basically tries to find out the weakness of a search engine and then exploit it for its benefit. This is obviously not the right thing to do. This technique carries the highest risk of being penalized by Google if ever caught being used.

Have you ever tried to find a way around Google’s guidelines to rank your website? Or ever bought links? If yes, then my friend you’ve also been using black hat SEO. Furthermore, what black hat SEO does is that it tries to play different techniques to attract the machines not the people searching. In a way, this technique basically tries to cheat the system to get better results in a shorter period.

White hat and black hat SEO Techniques

One of which is used by the websites who want to attract organic search traffic by providing high-quality content called white hat SEO. While the other one is used by the websites that are usually retail-based or subscription-based called black hat SEO. Moreover, sites that have a quick return business model also use it out of a white hat and black hat SEO techniques. Let’s jump to the techniques:

White Hat SEO Techniques

Quality Content

Creating quality content is very important to ensure a good ranking for your website. Apart from this, it is very important for you to keep on posting the latest relevant content and to boost it up according to the need and requirements of your reader. I know that creating long and quality content can be really difficult and is also time consuming, but trust me it will be worth all the effort in the long run. Saying that both white hat and black hat SEO use quality content would be wrong.

Use of Keywords

Using relevant keywords is the next basic technique in white hat SEO. The more frequently you use keywords in your article, the more chances are that it’ll rank higher in the search engine. Basically how it works is that when any searches for something on a search engine, the search engine lists out the most relevant articles. If you’ve used that specific term in your article frequently, chances are that your article will be on the top. Make sure that you aren’t stuffing and you’ve used it according to your requirement.

Good Website Design

This term basically means that you have to make sure that the design of your website is user-friendly. It shouldn’t be just a cluster of information. You have to sort the information out, try to make proper heading and paragraphs. You know that you can also add a description of the images you post in your articles. Even these can help you out in the ranking.

Help Google understand your website

Good content isn’t enough for good ranking if Google has a problem viewing your site you might have a problem. For this, you have to make sure that your website is indexable (not comparable) and that Google is able to crawl your pages properly.

Moreover, you can link the important pages with one another and make sure that they are viewable on the menu also. It is very irritating for the reader, not to be able to find the right content. You have to make sure that all of the important content is easily assessable.

Focus on the Reader

Another technique is to make the reader your first priority. As you know Google provides its users with the best possible result. So it actually makes sense, that if you want to be on the top list of ranking you need to have a powerful content. Not only has this but you also need to make sure that your pages load time has been cut to a minimum. The more value you add for the reader the higher you’ll rank on Google. Some people say that both white hat and black hat SEO focus on the reader, which is entirely wrong. Black hat SEO just focuses on the ranking while white-hat doesn’t.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Keyword Stuffing

Adding relevant keywords is a good thing. But filling your content with so many keywords that even the reader can make no sense out of it, is STUPID. This used to improve the ranking of the website, but now Google as understood it, and if you do this with your content there are high chances that Google might downgrade your content. Try avoiding this too.

Automated Comment Spamming

You’ve probably noticed spam comments on many blogs. What they do is that they ad keywords or links in the comments to improve the ranking. But Google sees it all, and disapprove of websites that use such tactics to increase their search engine ranking.

Content Scraping

Content scraping is yet another black hat SEO technique disowned by Google. What people do is that they copy the RSS feed from somewhere and republish the whole thing on their own website. Trust me, this is of no use. You’ll get caught and will be penalized. 

Hidden Text

This is the other stupid thing people do to improve their ranking. They actually right some keywords which they feel can improve their ranking and match the color of the font with the website’s background. The reader might not be able to see it but Google surely can. So please save your time and effort, and don’t do this. This technique is of no use now.

Doorway Pages

The pages that direct the reader to some other page which is not at all relevant is doorway pages. These are highly bad for a website, if you are using unnecessary doorway pages that add no value for the reader, you will surely be penalized. So why use one, right? But no one gets it. People just want to increase the traffic, even if they know that it won’t work for long. If you think that both white hat and black hat SEO use this then you are wrong.

Negative Campaigning

Buying bad links for your competitors might not actually be a black hat technique but it surely counts as one in my opinion. People are usually like, “oh, doing so good. What if I buy some crappy links for him? His ranking will effect from it.” Trust if you think like this you are just being mean. Not only this, but you also waste your time and money. Google now ignores bad links and even they didn’t, a website can now disavow links that they feel are hurting their ranking.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO. Which one is the best?

White hat and black hat SEO are two entirely different approaches. People who really want to improve the ranking of their website usually end up with the white hat and black hat SEO debate. Which isn’t wrong at all, you need to know which one is good for you. One might opt for white hat SEO, while someone would go for black hat SEO. There are even people who’d use the combination of both white hat and black hat SEO, which by the way is known as GRAY HAT SEO.

But really, when you get into the debate of white hat and black hat SEO, you’ll come to know that it isn’t worth all your time. White hat SEO is for sure the better choice, and don’t listen to anyone who says it isn’t. It is the most ethical and right way to improve the ranking of your website. It uses the correct guideline to achieve a high ranking, which is also long-lasting.

While, on the other hand out of a white hat and black hat SEO there is black hat SEO, which might give you quick results but for a shorter period. Not only this, it violates all the rules of the search engine’s guideline as you are using cheap tactics to improve the ranking. You might even end up with a penalty instead of what you really wanted to achieve.

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