Word of mouth marketing has been around long before the dawn of modern electronic communications, and long before the Internet. Therefore, it is amazing to see that, to this day, two concepts that are being seen as mutually exclusive and do not complement each other.

What is Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

This form of marketing is also called the Word of Mouth Advertising, which requires an active process to encourage and influence the discussion organic word mouth about a product, brand, resources, or even a particular company or event message. It is then delivered to your employees, clients, or customers to spread the word and encourage core message. A phrase that is more commonly used for this is to call it viral marketing.

It is also known that he came up with a positive pro hug if it reaches its intended market. However, it has cons if the message is not clear and has a bias that is intended for a specific group, whether racial, cultural, sexist, religious, rich, poor, etc.

Online marketing, on the other hand, needs little introduction as we are bombarded with every day through the website, social media, and other digital media platforms. In more formal terms, it is about capturing and extending the customer experience at crucial points. It is also about building relationships and continue to adapt to a variety of channels to reach specific customers.

Difference between the Word of Mouth Marketing and Online Marketing?

The answer is unquestionable with affiliate marketing is about selling or promoting other people’s goods and services and then get paid for it. This can be either a physical item through Amazon or said digital goods through online marketing platforms such as ClickBank. Affiliates are only looking for products that have a personal appeal or a high external, then promoting a product or service and will be rewarded in some form or other.

In many cases, companies are encouraging their workers to tell friends or family about the new offerings and will issue voucher discounts, etc. The employees, in turn, will be an incentive depending on the appropriate level of involvement. In this case, the marketing is likely to be Word of Mouth, but basically, the employee is now acting as an “affiliate marketer” for the company.

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Online marketing has the potential to make big money in spite of the differences mentioned earlier, namely race, sex, social status, etc. It has a very low barrier to entry and many companies to affiliate with. Another advantage is its global reach, so you are certainly not limited to the local market in the geographic zone or country.

If an affiliate marketer to have a very good product and use the strategy executed by mouth as a free form of advertising, it will cost significantly less than any paid marketing channels. Prospective buyers usually tend to search online for reviews and information before making a purchase decision. A large number but also rely on friends, family, and colleagues before making a purchase decision.

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Therefore it is clear that the great potential of integrating the above two concepts has not been fully explored. I would suggest that people are looking for methods on how to make extra money, seriously consider getting a good grip on affiliate marketing, and use word of mouth to expand their client base.

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