Social Media Branding is all about the consistent use of the right techniques to engage your audience with the help of social media platforms. It is without a doubt the businesses use social media to boost their revenue and to market the brand. Moreover, you can target the maximum number of potential customers if you use the right methods.

The main purpose of Social Media Branding is to boost the awareness of a brand. Nonetheless, social media and branding are two different terms. Whereas, branding is a stage which comes when you want to generate long-term business. In this stage, a business basically defines what it stands for and tries to attract an audience that would later turn into customers. The initial stages of branding are extremely fragile, you might have to work on every business leader and at the same time, you’d even have to work on building stronger relationships.

Now the question is: Is it possible to work simultaneously on Social Media and Branding? Yes – If you can develop good social media branding strategies you might be able to do both tasks at the same time.

Social Media Branding Strategies

With such high competition, it becomes difficult for a business to decide the right strategies to apply on social media. Besides this, carving out a place for your brand on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook can never be an easy task. Do you have the same problem? Let’s explore the social media branding strategies to get better results:

Choosing the right Social Media Branding Platform

If you are having trouble with understanding and choosing the right app, it is not entirely your fault. With numerous available social media apps, it can sometimes be tempting for a person and they even might want to jump on all of them. But trust me, this won’t be a good decision. You won’t be able to handle all at the same time and even if you could, it won’t matter.

You see, all apps are targeted towards different demographics and you have to choose according. For instance, let’s say that you are a party planner for kids’ birthdays. Can you see yourself on LinkedIn? No – Because LinkedIn is a platform for B2B markets.

Don’t forget Visual Branding

There are many social media branding ideas you can find, Visual Branding is one of them. For instance, how would you feel about a brand having different visual concepts for different channels? Because you’ll probably have difficulty in recognizing the brand on different channels. The color combinations and logos do matter. You cannot just put two different logos on different channels and expect people to recognize your brand.

Choose colors that define your brand, people perceive brands form the colors they choose. You should create such a strong bond that whenever a person sees a color they are forced to think of your brand. You can decide the right color by taking a look at your logo.

Moreover, use the same logo and filter carefully. Keeping the same logo matters, simplicity and consistency make it easier for the customers to associate an avatar with your brand. Not only is this but also to be consistent with the brand name you are choosing on these platforms important. There might come times when the name you have chosen might already be taken on the new network you want to expand your brand to. At such times what you need to do is to add an extension to the name, this would work more effectively than thinking of a completely new name. This is the other thing you really need to consider while opting for social media branding.

Create a Voice through Social Media Branding

Social media branding doesn’t only mean that you’re supposed to boost up a site or to get a maximum number of audiences on it. It also means to create your own voice through this platform, you should be conveying the personality of your brand through this medium. I know that it can be hard for some to find the right voice for their brand and can also be time taking. But once you get a hold of it, it’s worth the whole effort.

You can work on finding the voice for your brand by considering three basic elements which are, the culture of your company, your audience and authenticity. Your culture defines who you are, using hashtags tag reflect your culture can create a positive effect.

Moreover, you have to know your audience, knowing the demographics you are targeting are not the only thing. Besides the demographics you really have to put in an effort to know what your audience is really into these days. Use this information to build a stronger and more lasting relationship. Lastly, being authenticity is very important. Believe me, for better results in social media branding, you have to be honest with your customers as it will create a better and stronger relationship with them.

Posting on a Regular Basis

You’ll agree with me if I tell you that nothing kills your social media audience more than irregular posts. If you post once a week on twitter or let’s say twice a month on Instagram, do you really think that people will remember you? The answer is NO. It surely takes time to get a hold of understanding the criteria of posting and to develop a routine. There are many publishing tools available online that can help you decide the right time to post something online.

Moreover, there are analytic tools that can help you with information like which post got the most views. You can evaluate from it that how much response you got when you posted 10 updates and how much response you got when you posted 5. You can then tell which technique was more suitable, posting 10 updates or 5. It’ll help you a lot in the long run and will also create a healthy posting schedule for your social media page. If you really want to get into social media branding you should do it the right way.

Connecting with Influencers

One of the most effective social media branding ideas is to connect with the influencers. A well-built account on social media might not need an influencer to boost up their posts and to get them more audience. But the scenario is different in this case, you are probably unknown to the audience yet, you’ll be needing someone who can vouch for you. For this, you need to collaborate with people who have a good fan following to get the maximum results out of social media branding.

The number of followers is not the only thing that you need to focus on while looking for an influencer. Apart from this you also have to consider some other major factors while looking for an influencer for social media branding purposes. Factors like expertise, authenticity, engagement rate and activeness. These factors will help you in making the right decision for your brand.

Social Media Brand Awareness

To create social media brand awareness is very important, businesses need to know that for their survival it is very important to use this medium. Reaching out to the maximum customers without this particular medium is nearly impossible these days. Social media branding is not only cost-effective but is also the most effective way of boosting up your business.

Moreover, one of the most basic things to be sure of is the tone of your social media branding channel. What do you want the consumers to know? Will you be able to convey it through the medium you have chosen or not? These are the things you need to be aware of when you have decided to use social media to market your brand. What marketers really need to know is that with this medium it is easy to increase the number of followers. But for this, they should first be able to connect social media and their brand.

Did you know that there are some social media branding myths? Well yes. Let’s discuss a few out of those.

Myths you need to avoid regarding Social Media Branding

There is no doubt that social media branding is a very effective and popular way for any business these days. But you also need to make sure that you are not looking at social media with a wrong perspective. There are 2 major myths related to social media which you need to be aware of

Myth 1: Social media will increase the Popularity of the Brand overnight

These days’ people just think that social media branding works in a way that they’ll post something online and it’ll go viral. Leaving them with thousands of followers or likes. This is an extremely wrong concept social media doesn’t work like this. It might give you good results but expecting quick results is stupid. Thinking to build up a fan base in just a few weeks is not possible at all. This thing takes time, and even if you could get a maximum number of followers in a few days, it would be unethical and wrong. You might end up engaging the wrong audience and get no use out of them.

What you need is to work on social media brand guidelines, you need to follow a step of series to achieve what you desire for. This way you’d be getting better and more long-lasting results.

Myth 2: You need to be on every Network for better Results

Being on every social media branding network won’t help you out. You need to prioritize the channels and see which one would be the most suitable and beneficial for your brand.  It might be Facebook, Instagram or twitter and it can even be LinkedIn or Tumblr. Basically, it depends on the nature of your brand, what you are offering and to whom you are offering.

I can understand that utilizing every possible network can be a lot tempting but it would be the wrong choice and waste of time. Every network is targeting a different set of users and if you are trying to be on all networks, you’ll never be able to pull out the right audience for your brand. If you follow the proper social media brand guidelines, you’ll definitely get better results.

Final Thought

No matter what the nature of your brand is or what you are dealing with, the personality of your brand can attract as well as repel an audience. There is no doubt that you are supposed to and you should provide the best possible product to your customer. But you should always remember that this should come at the expense of creating better relations with the customers.

Social media branding is the key to create strong and more effective relationship with your customer. Every business knows this now and is getting as much benefit as they can out of it. So why should you be the one who’s left behind?

Let’s start here to Increase your Business Branding.

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