What is Guerilla Marketing? Well, it is a highly unconventional form of inbound marketing. Guerilla marketing basically increases the brand’s awareness in a large number of audiences without interrupting them. Due to its unconventional aspect, it sometimes becomes hard to explain its concept or its purpose. One can only get a better understanding of Guerilla marketing when they observe it.

In marketing guerilla techniques only work better with the element of surprise. You can only grab the attention of people if you are able to catch then unexpectedly in their day-to-day schedules. Doing this can be hard but once you get a hold of it, it’ll be worth the whole effort. Let’s just discuss some examples of guerilla marketing to make you understand it in a better way.

Guerilla Marketing Examples

To inspire you I have some very popular examples. You really don’t need to overthink everything, your silliest idea can be the one that’ll make you succeed. These guerilla marketing examples will surely help you in making a better understanding of the whole concept.


Let’s just say that you are a company that makes undergarments. What is there for you to do that’ll grab the attention of people? You can simply make huge underwear and place it on different sites. That seems stupid, doesn’t it? Well, it might sound weird to you but that is exactly what GoldToe did.

Yes, they actually made huge underwear and placed it on a bull statue in New York. This was a huge campaign that actually succeeded. They did it to aware the people of their launch of undergarments, which without a doubt worked in a perfect way. I actually don’t get what their route was to take this approach. But I just hope that that huge underwear was made out of the leftover manufacturing fabric, making this campaign a bit budget-friendly.

Greene King

This is another amazing example of Guerilla marketing that actually connects sentiments with its marketing technique. Okay so, whenever you meet with a friend or family member you probably go out for something to eat or to have a drink right? Well yeah. Greene King noticed that there was thing huge corporation that was about to take over the small establishment in the area, which included the pub.

After a lot of consideration, they came up with a plan to make a video and launch it on YouTube to realize the people that these small pubs are really important for a community. As these are the places you probably go to if you want to meet someone or want to have a good time. They gathered all the pub owners and bar owners form around the area and asked them to create a video out of the best moment that has ever occurred in their pub. It could be wedding receptions, birthdays or even memorials.

This was done by all the owners and then they complied with a video and uploaded it on YouTube with a question “Without these neighborhood people places, where would we share these moments?” See this is also an amazing guerilla marketing campaign. Focus on what invokes your audience’s emotions and then later invite them to add the content they can relate to.

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Guerilla Marketing Strategy

A strategy not only involves a plan to achieve your long-term goal, but it also includes creativity and thinking out of the box when it comes to guerilla marketing. This one is without a doubt one of the most amazing guerilla marketing strategies ever. Okay so there was always trouble in choosing names for a site, it still happens though. Websites have these stupid names that are so difficult to remember and most have nothing to do with the product being offered by the brand. These domain manes usually consist of numbers and short-form in them which are not easy to remember.

Joshua Kopelman the CEO of half.com at that time said: “We wanted to do something innovative to get some visibility in the crowd.” What they did was that they gave away $100,000 and a well-developed computer lab to a 360-person town of Halfway, Oregon for changing its name to half.com for one year. Which they agreed to. This was needed by both the website and the town to grab some attention of people, which worked extremely well for both parties.

Within a few weeks of the launch of the site, it was covered by not only the Today Show but also by The Wall Street Journal and by The New York Times. This was one of the best name changing guerilla marketing strategies used. Only after three weeks of the launch of eBay snapped and purchased half.com for $313 million. Amazing, right?

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Types of Guerilla Marketing

As weird as it might sound but there are actually some sub-categories of guerilla marketing which are listed by a firm

Outdoor Guerilla Marketing

This type basically suggests to ad up something to a preexisting urban environment. For example, placing underwear on a statue as discussed earlier in the listed examples. Or let’s say put a temporary artwork along the street.

Indoor Guerilla Marketing

The concept of indoor guerilla marketing is quite similar to outdoor guerilla marketing, with just one particular difference that it takes can take place inside train stations, university campuses or shops, etc. Other than this, the idea of using a preexisting urban environment remains the same.

Event Ambush Guerilla Marketing

This is the type in which you leverage the audience of another event. Let’s say it’s a concert, you’ll promote your product at this event. This guerilla marketing is usually done without taking the consent of the event sponsors.

Experiential Guerilla Marketing

This approach includes all the above types with just one addition, which is that this approach usually requires the audience to interact with the brand.

Final Thought

The only thing I couldn’t find was any B2B examples of guerilla marketing. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible, but just that it might need a bit more creativity than the others. You’ll probably like this approach even more if you are dealing with a smaller brand. As this could mean having more ideas. The only thing which you need to remember while doing guerilla marketing is that you need to catch people where they are, you are not supposed to interrupt them form what they are already doing.

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