Generating good Article Writing Topics can’t be a difficult task. No matter how good you are in writing you always need an idea from where you are supposed to start the whole thing.

Basically, what everyone wants is a topic which the audience would want to read. But what they don’t know is that there are hundreds of topics no one has yet written about of. Grab a pen, a paper and starts writing it all down, because trust me from now onward there won’t be any such thing as “NOT GOOD ENOUGH TOPICS” in your life.

Article Writing Topics ideas for Students

This is actually the very first basic idea to generate article writing topics for you. In my opinion, these might be good article writing topics ideas for students in particular. Okay, so what you need to do is to think about the two big problems you are facing in life now combine both of these problems and start writing. Let’s say that you are having difficulty in handling the office burden and this has also ruined your social life. Now the article writing topics for these two problems can be:

10 ways to handle office work so it doesn’t spoil your social life.


7 golden rules to follow if you want a healthy social life.

Wasn’t that good? You didn’t even have to think much about it now you’d probably have more than 10 ideas to write on.

Behind the Scenes

Let’s now talk about another idea from which you can generate good article writing topics. Everyone writes about famous personalities. Right? Have you ever noticed that there are very few people who write about people related to those famous personalities? For example, you’ll find hundreds of articles that would be written on presidents, celebrities, politicians, etc. But you’ll find very little if you ever search about a person who works behind the scenes with these huge personalities.

Think of a famous person, let’s just say he or she is an actor. Now think of a person related to that person, let’s say it’s an agent. Now write about this agent. The topic could be:

Things an agent of a famous movie star needs to know about.


15 things you need to know if you ever want to be a good agent.

Use Social Media for Article Writing Topics

We have talked about two ways of generating article writing topics yet, right?  It’s not about the third one. Have you noticed while using a social media app that there are many recent top stories people have written about? Most businesses doing Social Media Branding nowadays. you can take ideas from them as well. What you need to do is that choose a few topics out of them it can be anything you like or probably the most recent thing that has happened around you.

You see, people like to read in detail about the most recent things that have happened around them or things that have happened with the personality they look up to. What you need to make sure of is that the thing you write about should be related to your surroundings. This means that it should be related to the famous people of your area or the things happening in your area or around it.

Upcoming Events around you

Have you ever thought of searching about the upcoming events in your area? There is usually a list of events that are about to happen in an area. This is a list of a whole year. Look into that list; now think of things on which you can write about. It can be a concert, a social cause, or even a conference schedule.

There are plenty of readers out there who’d love to know about these things and would like to read in detail about the upcoming events in their area. Try to take benefit out of it. All the details will be given online, all you’d have to do would be to list them out and prioritize the information you are about to convey in a more detail-oriented manner.

What is missing in a story?

Have you ever read a story in a magazine and thought that they could have been more? People usually stuff and miss out many details a reader would have written to know about. To generate article writing topics, you need to as a reader and think of stuff one would write to read about. While reading a story in a magazine consider yourself asking a few questions like, what is missing in the story? What could have been added to this particular topic? What would the things I really like but they weren’t in detail?

Now you have a list of questions out of which you can generate a whole new article the readers would love to read. This wasn’t hard, was it? 

Consider yourself a Millionaire

This is my most favorite idea form which I like generating article topics for myself. It’s quite simple, all you need to do is to consider yourself a millionaire and list out the things you’d do. It can be related to traveling, buying a sports car, having the most luxurious wedding or even buying your dream house. Now write about a list of things one might have to go through in order to complete one of your listed wishes.

Let’s say you are a millionaire who’s looking for his dream house. What would be the things you’d like to consider while buying this dream house of yours’? Those things could be related to the location of the house, the size of the house, whether you’d have a pool or not or it can be even about the treehouse you’ve always wished to had when you were a kid. This here is a whole new article for you to write about.

Final Thought

Always remember that to find interesting article writing topics ideas isn’t that tough. All you need is to look at things from a different perspective or an angle. Having to think about yourself as a reader is very important. This way you can actually grab their real attention and make them read the whole thing. The listed points will not only give you good ideas to write about but will also attract good readers for your website. I hope you had fun reading this and found what you were looking for.

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