In 2020, there were around 4.57 billion people using social media. And, smartphones and the internet become cheaper and more accessible. We must hope to imagine these numbers grow. By 2021, more than 5 billion people will use social media.

You will enter this into your SMM strategy for 2020. Some of these platforms can even help build valuable social networks.


Twitter is a social platform in the style for trending topics. This allows users to engage in relevant chat and current affairs. By 2020, this platform has more than 330 million monthly active users. Unlike other top social media sites.

This does not have the current user has a user base that is highly used. Twitter users usually post 500 million tweets per day on their profile.


Instagram is a photo sharing platform. This is the basic social market application. It also has a web base platform that can use people. They have 1 billion users or fans at 2020. Instagram is a very visible platform.

Wherever users share videos and images. You will also use Instagram stories and direct options. This is highly discussed about the younger generation. Age of their users up to 18-30 years.


Facebook is the largest social platform among other social sites. There are 2.7 billion monthly active users in 2020. So it is a popular platform for branding. It has a large audience.

People can share photos, videos, post text, and business links with friends and followers of their FB. People can follow celebrity profiles or pages on social platforms. The brand will promote their products using advertisements placed on Facebook.


LinkedIn is a very broad social media website among listeners and pro b2b. The platform has fostered full chopped for years. Currently has 690 million members.

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Members will expand their efficient connections throughout the platform. It has various features such as showing their portfolios and applying for searches and work. LinkedIn is a good platform for sharing your skills.


YouTube is a video sharing platform without a likelihood. People can produce by YouTube channels. It has an average of 2 billion monthly active users in 2020. Most people watch their videos for 40 minutes.


Tumblr is the top social media platform micro blog. Users can participate in cultural dialogue to join the community and spread their ideas. It made its debut one of the top social media sites. It’s more popular in teenagers. The website has a total of 321 million unique visitors in 2020.


Pinterest is a social media platform that shares images. People can make themed boards and add pictures of board products. Users make shopping pins, other users can shop directly. There are 335 million platforms in 2020. Everyday users created more than 200 million pins in their fields.


Reddit is a social media site that is popular in the United States. This allows users to be part of subreddit and engage with other users in relevant things. It has news agency sites about trending topics.

It has a large community and gets more than 1.3 billion active users in 30 days. This will get most of its traffic to the United States, following the US and Canada.


WhatsApp is an application-based social platform. This allows users to share SMS, images, audio files, videos, and documents. WhatsApp is more popular than other application-based social sites. In March 2020, they have around two billion monthly users.

Introducing many new features on the user platform also facilitates interactions between users. Users can only create a single call option. But now has various call options like group calls and chatting.

This allows users to update photos, videos, and text status. It disappeared after 24 hours. They have 500 million fans in 2020.


Snapchat is a favorite social media platform for soft age people. Users can only send and make updates status 24 hours each other like Instagram and WhatsApp. It makes 229 million daily active users who have been very active on the platform.

Final Thoughts

This is the most popular social media site that you know in 2020. If you are an online marketer, 10 subsequent social media is good for you. Some of these platforms will facilitate promoting complete and your product.

The social platform helps you make a better community of fans. Whether you are an influencer or client, you will be able to use these sites to attach with people. This helps you build a higher connection.

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