Internet marketing and digital advertising have gained prominence over the past few years like wildfire. Along with the massive digitization of the media and entertainment industry, internet marketing has gained prominence. It is known for its advertising strategy, including banners, billboards, and commercials. With over 3.5 billion search queries every day, there is no doubt that internet marketing strategies are one of the trending topics.

Thus here we are going to list the top 5 internet marketing strategies to implement in 2019.

Chat-Bot Marketing

In this busy age, running a company and interacting with every customer becomes a real challenge. This is where chatbots come into play. You can create your own chatbots with automated replies via text or message and the customer may not even realize if they are interacting with a customer care provider or bot.

Facebook Messenger connects more than 2 billion people, so Facebook chatbots have become a real and popular solution to boost the digital market. Since chatbots can be used to create human conversations, it can be used to reply to customer queries, disseminate important information, and provide customer-friendly help to buyer/page visitors.

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SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization is the best way to be at the top of the search list by using and launching some keywords that increase your hit score depending on the type of business. For long-term strategies, this is the best option because it can be cost-effective too. Once a site is ranked, the investment is not indefinite; Increases traffic flow and increases sales. If a company is looking for our own resources on the digital platform, there is no doubt that choosing SEO is the right choice.

Inbound Marketing

Human judgments unite emotions. So the emphasis on attaching value to a product, and surface advertising alone, is the key to successful digital marketing. The basis of inbound marketing is to provide options for personalized products, without interrupting the customer’s thought process. This is a long-term investment with high returns if the market is also stable.

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Influencer Marketing

Nowadays people look not only for the popularity of influencers but also for the quality of the followers. Classic marketing strategies such as word-of-mouth marketing and advocacy marketing are now popular in the digital marketing field. Advocating and persuading a lawyer influencer to do things that are completely out of the world of advertising can do a great job of getting organic customers. Reaching out to people on social media, promoting a product and creating a good community of netizens in bulk, influencer marketing is definitely a bold and new technique.

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Public Relation in Internet Marketing

Everyone, nowadays, spends most of their time on digital platforms. With so many spam messages and content, digital PR plays important role in creating a niche for brands and businesses. Although this is not a very new technique, and public relations is the beginning of marketing. This is the right exposure for the target customers in a positive light. It takes less work but more effective than traditional PR.

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