2019 has been a tremendous yet challenging year for mobile technology so far, and there are many more inventions to emerge. With an upsurge in the mobile app development industry, the need development of new technologies is on top.

According to a report from Statista, by 2020, global mobile app revenue will be amounted to over 581.9 billion USD globally. It is a huge revenue jump since the year 2016. That’s the reason there is an increase in the demand for technologies and trends.

Combining the innovations and challenges of this year, let’s look at mobile app development trends for the future and what it means for the companies and developers.

Mobile App Development Trends

App-based Cloud Technology

There are various benefits attached to cloud technology, including scalable architecture. Less operational and hosting costs, enhanced productivity, seamless performance, and expandable storage, among others.

Cloud-based applications reduce the compression on the smartphone’s internal memory as it fetches data directly from the cloud. Therefore, it is beneficial for both app developers and business owners. That’s the reason why Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, and other similar apps are becoming more prevalent than ever before.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a value addition for carrying out everyday tasks in our businesses as well as our personal lives. The blockchain apps are boundless, from usages such as finance and security to manufacturing.

This technology has proved itself an advantage when it comes to applying item tracking enhancements, security levels, and quality controls. It is also useful in e-commerce, stock market, virtual wallets, smart contracting, and tracking.

Artificial Intelligence

Most of the biggest companies are integrating Artificial Intelligence while developing their app. But it’s not where AI ends. The application of AI i.e., Machine Learning, is used to provide mobile app users with personalized content. For example, entertainment applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos apply algos according to user responses to personalize videos for them.

Google Maps, too, can help you find out the nearest restaurants, hospitals, parking spots, all with the help of Machine Learning.

Internet of Things

IoT is going to play a vital role in mobile apps by 2020, published Forbes in one of its articles. The report further explained that every device preceded with the word “smart” will relate to IoT.

The facts associated with the value of IoT may differ, but this trend remains the same. Taking this into consideration, it’s clear that the market needs businesses that can develop popular IoT apps, sensors, and devices, plus both B2B & B2C apps on the user end.

Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management is another trend that provides transparency into app behavior, statistics about OS and devices selected and perceives user patterns to identify the different features. Organizations may need vigorous tools to monitor resources, compare data with insights, and adjust performances and processes together.

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Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is a combination of various technologies like user data, conventional statistics, data modeling, and Artificial Intelligence. It is applied to distinguish user support and determine the future of the business to enhance engagement, make sound business decisions, and encourage sales.

Instant Apps

Instant apps are the kind of small software programs that users need not download or install. These apps help developers deliver a higher exchange ratio as compared to a standard mobile app. The feature that makes these apps more feasible is the excellent user experience.


Users quit an app after a time, and this is because they don’t get what they want in it. By the year 2010, companies are looking for experimentation with chatbots, where there will be an assistant with every app that will help users explore more exciting features in an app.


5G technology will be an advancement of AR, data safety, 3D gaming, and speed, among others. Also, there will an improved functionality with 5G. Developers need to work with 5G because apps used with fast mobile service and Wi-Fi tend to work effectively for users with insufficient speed advantages.

Low Code Development

Low Code Development will eliminate manual coding as possible. It will help reduce the complexity of app development, and this is an innovative trend every app development company will be looking ahead for as well.

Final Thought

Not only the above trends but there are a lot more advancements in the mobile app industry that are going to make the future promising. So, we can’t wait to see what’s in the stores for mobile app development.

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