What if I told you that actually, you don’t want to be wasting your time and energy in turning freebie subscribers into customers.
Shock horror you are properly reeling at that remark. You are trying to convert freebie seekers into buyers why am I telling you not to waste your time and energy?

The answer to that is because it’s easier to develop ways to convert your prospects into paying customers.
As Halbert used to say “stop emailing the white pages.”
What I mean by this is, are you talking to people who are your target market? Have they spent money in the market in the last six months?
Or do they want just another freebie to waste their time until they can go on to the next shiny object?

Consider your Customers

You need to lay it out for your customers what they are going to get, why they want it which is, in fact, the benefit to them and how to get it.
Ask a family member whether your review page excites them. Is it boring or worse still is it just a copy of an ambassador’s review?

Maybe your review is confusing, or there are some grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. If it’s boring, confusing and compounded by errors, then you have some work to do in the New Year.
You’re trying to grow traffic organically that means you are not paying for traffic. If you’re getting days of zero returns, then your scale and potential and reach is seriously limited.

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If you can’t get even half a percent of your target audience to buy on the day that they show up to your website, then you are getting something seriously wrong.
Can you offer your customers something better something personal from you, such as personal training or free mentorship? Can you offer them a free report on how to get started?
It’s not enough to tell your prospects that wealthy affiliates are not a scam. If you Google his wealthy affiliates a scam you get About 313,000 results as of today’s date 29th December 2019.

Do you understand your niche properly?

Have you spent times in forums and read about the problems that your target audiences are facing. Whatever they are, they are much wider than searching for a legitimate online program.
What are you planning to do in the New Year to be more appealing to your target audience? Are you planning to expand with a follow be email list if you have already got at least 75 real visitors a day?
Are you planning to write content that will appeal to a more targeted avatar?

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