We have asked a few quick tips for business owners to take their marketing to ensure it is effective and then some principles to follow when creating the content.

These include:

How should we decide what to post?

Effective content types?

Who should we aim at social media and how we position our business in the market?

We only had a few brief points but hopefully they help you out with your own content and curation and marketing strategies.

  1. Objectives
  2. Purpose
  3. Strategy
  4. Target Market
  5. Communication

So, let us look into each a little more detail ….


What do you want to accomplish? Before you begin to create (or pay) for every marketing effort you have to have a clear idea in your mind and on paper of what you’re trying to achieve with this marketing.

What would class as a successful campaign for you?

How long do you have to achieve this goal?


When you have chosen your destination from the point on top of that it is important to ask – Why do you want to achieve these things? How would it affect your business, your life, you ,?

The reason this is important is that the goals should not be easy, there are challenges behind it.

This is your goal or your reasons why that will allow you to commit to the work involved.


Okay, so you have your goals and your reasons why, so ….

What makes you and your service is unique, different, interesting and popular?

What’s your message?

How do you get to get this across?

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This is where talking to a professional marketing team will help to guide you to success with your social media,

But the best place to start is with the audience / target market.

Target Market

Who do you want to serve? Where are they live? How old are they? How much do they earn? What are their interests? What are the demographics and psychographics?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself to know who you write for making a customized message for the right type of people.

You probably will not talk to your friends in the pub just as you would talk to your biggest client,

Because it does not always go too formal and professional, social media is meant to be social.


How can you communicate who you are and what you do so that other people want and prefer services? Whether this will be done through social media? A website? Paid Advertising? Offline Marketing? Or a mixture of some of these options.

Again, this really comes down to knowing your target audience because at this point, you’ll know your message, where customers will be and how to speak to them.

Paid advertising is fantastic and we (obviously) a big believer in their profits, but it is still best to have a strong organic range and brand to support this for customers who do more research before they purchase.

Close Note

Post relevant content that adds value to your audience better with the knowledge, excitement or fun always rule number one, how do you affect their lives for them to want to follow you and then continue to follow you.

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