Specifically known as the Secure Socket Layer Protocol Certificate, Netscape has developed an SSL Certificate to add a security factor to transactions between browsers and web servers. The protocol uses a third party, a Certificate Authority to identify transactions at both ends, or if it is difficult to understand, such as an SSL Certificate Passport or Driver’s License for a website in the Lehman language, was issued by a trusted source as a Certified Authority.

For a basic understanding canvas SSL certificate through real examples, let’s imagine someone is sending mail in envelopes through a simple postal system. Because it does not have a security factor, anyone with access to the cover can easily retrieve its contents and, if it seems worth it, they can seize it or make changes to it.

To shorten the long story, an SSL certificate encrypts virtual transactions or transitions or any data exchange over the Internet, making it completely secure.

Since there are many different types of SSL certificates, they are not identical in comparison to each other. When it comes to SSL protection on any website, it is important to think about what kind of certificate you are getting. Since this is a security app, it essentially serves two main purposes.

  • Business Locating your business website
  • Website Encrypts sensitive information on your website
  • SSL certificates vary in price from $ 30 to $ 1,000 per year and how much it costs to have SSL protection depends on the type of certificate you use.

EV SSL Certificate

Strength EV SSL / Extended Validation SSL to protect users and the Web sites of their confidential information over the internet. Save your e-business worldwide with the EV SSL / Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

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Organization Certified SSL Certificate (OV)

Multiple sources of information are checked for the business. This is done to ensure that the information about the business’s names and who owns and runs the business (Whois Record) matches the registration of the business. Another check is done to see if these details match local business listings. When all the necessary information is matched, the business is issued a certificate. Ensures that the certificate issued by the institutional certification method is properly validated. This allows the online user to view any information needed to verify the identity of the business. The user will see an indicator in their browser that the site has issued their SSL certificate.

Domain Validation SSL Certificate (DV)

Domain validation is the primary domain certificate that comes with an easy installation process. If you do not need additional assurance for your website visitors.

Dedicated SSL certificate

specifically the type certificate is assigned to a specific domain name website. Dedicated SSL certificates therefore often require unique domain names and are not shared with multiple domain names, not even sub-domains. These types of certifications are usually very expensive.

Shared SSL Certificates

As the name suggests, shared SSL certificates can be shared with others, unlike dedicated SSL certificates. This means that you can use someone else’s SSL certificate for your own website, but the drawback is that the name of the certificate does not match you but it reflects the name of the owner of that certificate. This type of SSL encryption is not used, especially during a website transition between web servers and hosts. These types of SSL certifications are mainly provided by many eCommerce web hosts, which are very simple and all-inclusive.

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Free SSL Certificates

By using the term free, we do not mean that it is absolutely cost-effective, but these are cost-effective certifications compared to the three types of SSL certificates listed above. There are many companies that offer these types of certifications, but the level of encryption they have is not the same as paid and therefore it is important to get this type of protection from a reputable company. 

Wildcard SSL Certificates

These types of certifications ensure the complete protection of all sub-domains for websites that mainly contain sub-domains. Wildcard SSL protection gives you the authority to protect different aspects of a web portal with an SSL certificate.

When it comes to SSL security, the most important thing to keep in mind when comparing different types of SSL certificates is the level of security offered. But 128-bit encryption is the industry standard. The 256-bit comparison is also available for increased fees, and some companies offer 58-bit encryption at a lower cost. The logic is that the higher the encryption number, the more secure you are.

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