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Azam Iqbal is one of the best Digital Marketing Consultant helping companies to grow their revenue with unique Internet Marketing Services. Instead of just talking about the business and profit/loss concerns, He digs into the understanding with proper communication and valid points. He has 5+ years of expertise for driving the business globally.

Nowadays businesses having plenty of competition. So, we all need strong marketing for our website and application. His method is completely white hat and adheres to best search engine optimization practice as laid by Google from time to time, giving you the long term sustainable results.

Always happy to give a free recommendation, take a look at an issue you may be facing, or talk about business marketing strategies and ideas. Get your free website or mobile app analysis report now.

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Digital Marketing is a vast concept of promoting your business online through different approaches. When it comes to increasing your sales, your brand awareness or build a strong relationship with your customers all things can easily do by digital marketing concept.


Great SEO work just shows signs of improvement after some time. It's only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. My objective of SEO isn't to rank #1. The objective is to create leads and deals for your business.


Social Media Marketing is the best spot for your shops, that everyone with an access to the internet is a potential customer. If you know how to communicate with social media users, you are on the right path. I've some best strategies for the conversation with the perfect individuals.

Lead Generation

Leads Generation can be B2B and B2C. Leads are usually captured through a lead form embedded in the website, blog or application that collects data such as name, email and/or phone number of the user and stores it in the CRM, database or marketing application. Better strategy is very important for this.


Nobody reads ads, People only read what is something interesting for them in promotions. Content and Banners both make equally important in advertisement. PPC campaigns works most effectively when it’s according to the relevant people searches. Your landing pages, relevancy of ads etc all matters.

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I have worked on dozens of projects so I have picked only the latest for you.



Techliance has been delivering quality IT solutions for businesses.

Techliance is established since 2002 and has been providing the businesses around the globe with standard IT solutions. Our headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah with many other developing offices overseas. Our team in the United States provides with someone local to your business with our client’s contact.

We have facilitated a variety of industries with solutions, including Automotive & Locomotive Industry, Distribution & Supply Chain, Transportation Industry, E-Commerce Solutions, Humanitarian Agencies, Software Services Industry, Public Services Institutions, Financial Services Institutions, Healthcare, and Related Industries, Sports and Related Industries. The company has a vast variety of technologies which are used accordingly, considering the requirements of the given task.

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Farosh provides amazing benefits to both buyers and sellers.

This is a project which is beneficial for both the parties, let it be the buyer or the seller. For buyers, the experience can be enduring as well. Farosh provides you with service which is available for you 24/7. It is a platform with a variety of payment options keeping in mind the convenience of the user and it also facilitates the user to check the product before they take it home.

It facilitates the sellers in a way that they can enjoy the benefit of simultaneously being both seller and buyer without having to make multiple registrations or going through this hectic process. Farosh ensures to make the life of the sellers easier by providing the facility of delivery and also the packaging. The only thing the seller has to do is to make sure that we get the order on time.

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Baby Care Advice

Baby Care Advice providing consultations to parents around the global.

We have been facilitating the parents with proper consultation around the globe for 15 years now. Baby care advice can now facilitate you through many different mediums with the help of the advanced technological age. The provision of consultation has now been made easy with the help of mediums like telephone, FaceTime, Skype or even email disregard to the fact that you might be living far away.

The articles are written have helped a lot of parent in increasing their knowledge while the consultation services have helped in improving the level of information and the emotional support that our clients require to resolve the unpleasant situation of theirs babies.

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Stellar Tech

Stellar Tech offers web/App development services all over the world.

It is a private limited company which focuses on the development of applications of desktops, websites, and mobiles. Unlike others, we offer a “Custom Application” service to potential customers around the globe.

The reputation of Stellar Tech is among the leading companies in the market of technology, due to the collaboration with the clients to develop high-quality solutions which have indeed outperformed the expectations of others. The business has tasted success due to the right mixture of all aspects.

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Mind Logics

MindLogics is known for web development, and digital marketing services.

MindLogics is among the leading companies which are known for their website design, coding, and development services. We realize that every company has their own strategies of approaching a problem, for which what we do is that we make an analysis before we start the project and make sure that we design it in a unique way which helps you attain the goal in future.

We consider all of your branding, digitization, web, e-commerce, and apps very wisely and convey an advanced rate of conversion in sales, customer loyalty, and recognition. The tracking rate of our company keeping our past services in mind has been up to 100% satisfaction.

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OpenSol Global

OpenSol Global is a software development and IT consultancy company.

OpenSol is the leading software developer and IT Consultancy Company having a lot of experience in the related industries. The company has the perfect mix of a highly skilled team of designers, programmers, engineers, quality assurance experts, business analysts and project managers.

We provide service to large national and international corporations throughout the USA, Middle East, and Pakistan, in projects that require leading-edge interconnection, mobile, and desktop software development skills. Till now we have designed & developed many emerging solutions, a fact that emphasizes our promise and capabilities to work with potential customers around the globe.

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Fare Makers

Faremakers is online travel sites for travelers to buy air tickets, hotels etc.

It is one of the leading online travel services which facilitates you to buy online air tickets or hotel services, etc. The latest technology has been installed to make sure that the customers are being provided on time. The unique selling point of Faremakers is speed and service.

This is an online platform where the user can get the required service in the quickest way. Faremakers also provide you with the fastest processes, let it be rescheduling, cancellation or even refund, making it the best and the most unique consumer experience. we have hired a professional team to facilitate the consumer to facilitate customers.

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Foxy Template

Foxy Templates are theme creator of different kinds.

This is a theme creator, with a lot of variety of themes. These themes can be used for a lifetime, provided by the largest community of developers. The Foxy Templates are developed by the most experienced developers with usually of experience of 8 years. The facility of changing the template is also provided given the case that someone is not satisfied with the purchase they’ve made.

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PSD TO HTML develop responsive layouts, Bootstrap-based projects.

We have toiled away with a number of world’s top brands. We develop responsive layouts, Bootstrap-based projects, work with Retina-ready designs and a bunch of JavaScript features. We proffer CMS-based website development with keeping the focal point as WordPress while our expertise includes Magento, Drupal, Joomla! BigCommerce, Squarespace, and Shopify as well.

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Your Baby Series

Your Baby Series helps your children for healthy life.

Like other parents, before enhancing a health practitioner, I had a lot of difficulty in taking care of my own toddlers. There came times when I didn’t know how to make them eat their food, or even to make them go to sleep, the use to wake up late at night and cried for the reasons I couldn’t understand at that time.

As I was the eighth child out of nine in my family, therefore, I got to babysit my nieces and nephews. so It won’t be wrong for me to say that I had more experience than others before becoming a parent. I always had in mind that taking care of my own baby would not be difficult for me. I surely knew how to take care of the baby, but I never realized neither was I prepared for parent 24/7.

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Two Degrees

Drive more business with social deals

Two degrees is a socially driven marketplace it is basically a platform where your business can find the ideal customers for itself, instead of waiting and hoping for people to find you. The working of the app is quite simple, it notifies the users regarding the deals they would be interested about, based on the location.

It also shows the user the friends they have in common with the nearby random people. The idea is to drive more business with the help of word-of-mouth and digitalization. It is the most unique platform for advertising your business. The businesses are provided with a variety of options regarding how they want the advertising to be done.

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